The story of Dr. Geyer’s investigation into plastic has been illustrated by artist Susie Cagle. Check out cartoon-Roland in The Guardian

Care about the environment? Stop trying so hard! Go to the Blog page to find out why we need more environmental non-action heroes.

Roland discusses recycling and consumerism on Patagonia’s film, “Why Recycled?” featuring his work with waste systems and Patagonia’s efforts to help consumers reduce, reuse and recycle.

Dr. Geyer explains to the Santa Barbara Independent why recycling won’t be enough to fix our waste problems

Six numbers to ruin your day:

During the last 800,000 years there were never more than 650 Gt (gigatonnes) of carbon in the atmosphere (as CO2).
In the last 100 years we increased it to 880 Gt, causing all the climate trouble we're in now.
The proved reserves of fossil fuels in the ground contain well over 1,000 Gt of carbon. The rapidly melting permafrost contains another 1,600 Gt.
Apparently, there is a depression and anxiety epidemic among kids and teenagers - gee, I wonder why?

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